25th Anniversary Cider Rally 29th April – 2nd May 2016

Welcome to the Parrrrrrrrrrrrty !!!!!!!

Kicking off the very first rally of the 2016 season Bridgwater style we offer

a big welcome & thank you to everyone that supports our Cider Rally.

We hope you all have a great time partying with Bridgwater.

Cider Rally events & activities

– A great location with chalet accommodation

– Full indoor entertainment facilities

– Swimming pool

– Fantastic bands

– Parade of bikes

– Bike Show

– Brilliant ride outs

– A Super Special Raffle with some amazing prizes – including for

our 25th Anniversary a  brand new Harley Davidson first prize

   ………………….and more!!!

– Above all FUN FUN FUN!!!

So come and party Bridgwater style but remember –

this event always sells out – so book early!!!

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Click HERE for Cider Rally Rules

(Remember to read the “Event Release Form” before signing)

See how to win the Cider Rally brand spanking new

Harley Davidson – Click HERE

Count Down to Bridgwater Chapter Christmas Bash

4th/5th December

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Hello, I’m Gill Mogg (Moggy). Director of Bridgwater Chapter Welcome to our web site. I’m really proud to be a member of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.). We’re people from all walks of life who love their Harley Davidsons.

Bridgwater Chapter was formed in 1989 (the oldest continous Chapter in Europe) and with nearly 400 members, we’re still growing. Whether you like riding alone, with a few friends or a group, dancing til dawn or riding all day, we have something for you. I am really proud to be the Director of Bridgwater Chapter.

I joined in 1998 and since then I have experienced some of the best times of my life with wonderful experiences and marvellous friends. We’ve recently expanded this site with some extra exciting features including new sections such ‘Our Bikes’, ‘Adventures’, ‘Ladies of Harley’ and ‘Merchandise’ The new pages will grow as time goes on, so the site will keep changing. If you’re not a member, I hope you have a look through this site and then join us. Click here for my page.

Happy Viewing – Moggy xx

Welcome to the Bridgwater Chapter new website

Welcome to our newly redesigned website!  Knowing that you depend on our Chapter information we’ve rebuilt our site using up to date technology to make it much easier to find and share information resources. Regrettably our old site was being expensive to keep operational and getting more vulnerable to the modern technology hacking type security breaches.

In this 25th anniversary year of our founding, we continue to be inspired by the passion, enthusiasm and dedication we see in Bridgwater Chapter members (and members of other chapters) working together for the mutual pleasure and enjoyment of riding our Harley Davidson’s at the same time ensuring family values and support for our various charities.

As part of our commitment to keeping our work easily accessible, we have created a more navigable website…Read more…