Chapter Charity 2017

Nominated Charity – BARB

During the 2017 AGM at the Royal Hotel Weston Super Mare , a raffle was drawn and prize giving took place before advising there were three charities nominated for the Chapter to support for 2018.

It was also voted in at the AGM that our Charity for 2018 will be the Somerset Air Ambulance and we will be contacting them to see if we can join in, in and support some of their events.

This year’s 2017 Charity was BARB and we presented a cheque to them for £2500, so thanks to everyone that donated in various ways this year

(So that folks know earlier future nominated charities will be voted on at the AGM)

Chapter Charity 2017

Nominated Charity for 2017 – BARB

At the 2016 AGM meeting the charity nominated for BW Chapter support in 2017 is BARB

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Burnham on Sea area rescue boat which goes out into the mud on a hovercraft and rescues folk stuck in mud and we’ll be doing some events with them

Chapter Charity 2016

Nominated Charity for 2016 – UPs and Downs Southwest

At the 2015 AGM meeting the charity nominated for BW Chapter support in 2016 is for a second year:-

UPs and Downs Southwest – a support organisation for Downs Syndrome


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Chapter Charity 2014

Nominated Charity for 2014 – Enham Trust

During the 2013 xmas bash at St Audies Bay Bay, the raffle was drawn by Tim Francis from Andover, who won the raffle first prize, to decide which charity we would support during 2014.

Three charities were nominated and Tim Francis had the winning ticket and chose the Enham Trust.

(So that folks know earlier future nominated charities will be voted on at the AGM)


Enham Trust believes in ‘the power of yes’ in meeting the dreams and aspirations of disabled people.

Enham Trust will be creating more opportunities for more disabled people to live with greater independence, learn new skills and find work.

Their Building Choices programme will create beautifully designed and accessible housing for people to live independently wherever they choose.

Enham Trust care and support services will enable people to have control of their lives by providing a truly personalised service designed around their needs.

Their employment and skills services will be working with a range of partners to provide further opportunities to gain a wider range of qualifications and skills, more work based apprenticeships and to increase the prospects of finding and sustaining employment.

Enham Trust recognises the uniqueness of every individual and the vital importance of tailor made support. So we go the extra mile to make a difference in every aspect of a disabled person’s life.

Enham Trust – Supporting disabled people to live the lives they choose

Collecting at BW Carnival 2014

Collecting for Enham Trust and BW Carnival Charities at BW Carnival Monies raised by the Chapter in 2014 went to this charity.

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A cheque for £2,100 was collected by Enham Trust at our AGM 2014 meeting

A cheque for £2,100 was collected by Enham
Trust at our AGM 2014 meeting

Chapter Charity 2013

Nominated Charity for 2013 – MacMillan Cancer Nurses

During the 2012 xmas bash at St Audies Bay Bay, the raffle was drawn by Dave Reynolds from Lymington, who won the raffle first prize, to decide which charity we would support during 2013.

Three charities were nominated and Dave Reynolds had the winning ticket and chose the MacMillan Cancer Nurses.


Collecting for MacMillan Nurses at BW Carnival 2013

Collecting for MacMillan Nurses and BW Carnival Charities at BW Carnival

Monies raised by the Chapter in 2013 went to this charity.

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MacMillan presentation at Dec club night 2013Dec Club night 2013
A cheque for £2,200 was collected by MacMillan Nurses at our December 2013 club night meeting

Children’s Hospice South West OUR CHARITY FOR 2012

During the 2011 xmas bash at Sand Bay, the raffle was drawn to decide which charity we would support during 2012.

Three charities were nominated and they were: Devon Air Ambulance. Somerset Air Ambulance and the Childrens Hospice South West at Wraxall.

Mr Coyne had the winning ticket and chose the Children Hospice South West.

June 2nd 2012

photo612We presented a cheque for £250.00 to the South West Childrens Hospice at Wraxall near Bristol.

This was given to us by Tim and Ailleen Motram of Dunedin H.O.G. Chapter as thank you to us for organising the Cider Rally.

Tim and Ailleen raise money by giving Puppet Shows in Scotland and asked the money be given to a childrens charity. This was a fantastic gesture by Tim and Ailleen which we decided to give to the Hospice.




St Austell

A cheque for £2,200 was collected by Children’s Hospice South West at our March 2013 club night meeting.

SW Childrens Hospice


freewheelers1sFor 2011 it was decided to start a new system of choosing a charity for each year. The committee drew up a shortlist of charities.

All the tickets from the December 2010 Club night and the Xmas Party raffles were combined and the holder of the first ticket drawn was able to choose a charity from the list which we will suppport until the next AGM in November 2011.

Kevin and Carmen Skinner drew the winning ticket and chose the ‘Freewheelers’ a voluntary organisation who transport emergency blood and other urgent medical supplies on their motorcycles.

The Freewheelers website – http://www.freewheelers.org.uk/


Charity Funds for 2010 were distributed at our Annual General Meeting on November 1st at North Petherton Rugby Club. For 2010 our chosen charities were:

  • Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance – £750.00
  • NADB (National Association of Disabled Bikers) – £750.00
  • Cystic Fibrosis – £750.00
  • Freewheelers (Emergency motorcycle transport of blood supplies) – £750.00
  • Muscular Dystrophy – £258.00
£750.00 to Cystic Fibrosis

£750.00 to Cystic Fibrosis

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance receive their £750.00 cheque from Moggy

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance receive their £750.00 cheque from Moggy

£750 to NADB (National Association of Disabled Bikers

£750 to NADB (National Association of Disabled Bikers

starkight1We have also supported many other Charity events since our formation including the annual Starlight Day for seriously ill children at Popham near Basingstoke, in August.

We gave rides on our Harleys to queues of excited children and their families to help take their minds off their problems.





History of Hoggin’ the Bridge

By Bruce Smith

Hoggin’ the Bridge started in the year 2000, it came from a request by one of the Bridgwater Chapter members, a Rex Forster ( who sadly is no longer with us). He was involved with the Spencer Dayman Trust who were holding a sponsored walk which would finish on the Severn Bridge. He asked for a few Harleys to escort the walkers across the finish line .This seemed like a good idea but then started to grow into ‘How many Harleys can we get on this Bridge?’

So on October 22nd we were to meet at Magor Services to ride back over the bridge. When I arrived there were a couple of hundred bikes waiting, by the time we left we were just short of 1000! We rode across the bridge escorted the walkers and went on to a Rugby Club in Bristol, the weather had been kind, it was dry and not very cold. So the whole event was deemed a success.

The next question was should we do it again? The answer was yes because we were certain we could top the 1000 figure next time. Hoggin’ The Bridge 2 (The Return) was going to be a bigger event all round. For Hoggin’ 2 we would cross two Bridges.

The weather for this one could not have been better, Warm and sunny and did it draw a crowd. Magor services could not cope. It looked like the Welsh equivalent of Sturgis, the Sunday drivers could not believe what they had driven into. We certainly got the required number of bikes and then some. The plan was we would ride over the new Severn Bridge and into Bristol, over the Clifton Suspension Bridge and into Ashton Court.

The ride took quite some time as we brought the place to a stand still. I was riding a Sportster and was able to drop out of the line, fill up with fuel and join the line again just a few places back. I don’t think Ashton Gate had seen so many people wanting refreshment at once (but we did tell them).

For Hoggin’ 3 a few changes were necessary. Magor Services did not want us back under any circumstances! And we did not think 3 bridges was a good idea. So the plan was meet at Severn View Services (used to be Aust) on the English side of the old Severn Bridge and ride over both Severn Bridges to Ashton Court.
Weather was ok, numbers maybe not as many as ‘2’ but still good. Good enough to keep the roundabout at Magor Services full for about 15 minutes (we had to turn round somewhere!). Ashton Court was coping a little better but this was probably down to the stalls out side providing food and entertainment and spreading the load a little.

Hoggin’ 4 was memorable for me because on the previous Thursday I picked up my brand new Anniversary Heritage. Not the ideal first big ride especially as I was trying to run it in. Oh and the weather, it fell down all day up until we were going home and then it really poured down. This kept the numbers down but it was still a great success.I also found out that it takes a lot longer to clean a Heritage than it does a Sportster. The run its self was on the same route as ‘3’ and there were a lot of wet people at Ashton Gate. This was also the year it became a bit of a weekend event with getting involved in the Taunton Carnival, which took place on the preceding Saturday Night.

Hoggin’ 5 followed the same formula and was better supported than the previous year due to better weather but there were some problems at Ashton Gate and it looked like it might have run its course.
Then our friend Rod Bate who had been one of the main men behind the scenes managed to convince the good people of Chepstow that it would be a good idea to turn their town over to a couple of thousand bikers for the day.

What a move that turned out to be! As Hoggin’ 6 approached the streets were lined with families waving and cheering and a Great big Sign said ‘Chepstow welcomes Harley Davidson’. The weather was great the sun was shinning and we all had a great time, Bands playing on a stage in the High Street, all the car parks closed to cars as were a lot of the roads, it was all ‘Bikes Only’ The only problem that arose was the ride from Severn View to Chepstow was not very long and I think we had a continuous line from start to finish. But this had the potential to become a mini Daytona!

Hoggin’ 7 now involved a scenic ride around the welsh countryside to enable it to be a ride of some substance before we got to Chepstow but this brought loads of people out of their houses on route to cheer us on. The weather this year was kind to the ride but the rain started just as everyone got to Chepstow so unfortunately a lot people were soon on their way home.

Hoggin’ 8 was the first big ride for my 11 year old grandson so we joined the mass ride up from Taunton that must have been over 100 bikes. The weather was good and after a breakfast of coffee and do-nuts we went out on the ride. He enjoyed every second and I am already booked for next year. The formula was the same as ‘7’ and this seems to be about as good as it gets as the crowds of people were larger and everyone is so enthusiastic, it is without doubt a great day out.

I have not gone into the charity side of this ride as I do not have all the figures but the amount of money that has been raised is unbelievable and has made a difference to so many that we could not been able to help without the participation of all involved both in the organisation and the riders themselves. It’s not much good arranging a ride if no one turns up.

Bruce Smith,

Bridgwater Chapter organised ‘Hoggin’ the Bridge’ for 10 years when thousands of bikes, mainly Harleys, rode over the Severn Bridge en mass, donating well over £100,000 to charity for the privilege.

This event has now been taken over by a new organisation, the “Hoggin’ the Bridge Club’, who continue this wonderful tradition – View their website here