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Hello all

My name is Lisa Davies and I’m Ladies of Harley Officer for Bridgwater HOG Chapter.  I am a lady rider and the extremely proud owner of a 2002 Heritage classic softail, my special boy ‘Harley’.

I passed my bike test 10 years ago.  My partner at the time had bought ‘Harley’ and for years I had been pillion and loved it, we had been on many road trips and I always said that I would have lessons and get my licence and my own bike but I never seemed to have time to spare. I lost my beautiful mum, suddenly to cancer, and i realised that life is way to short so within a few months I was riding.

I eventually passed my test after a few attempts!! (U-turns and I do not get on, I still have a fear of them!!) and became the proud owner of a Sportster which I adored.  A few months later the other half decided to buy a new bike and sell ‘Harley’, although he seemed big for me I couldn’t bare to see him go, we had been through so much together and he was part of the family.  I decided he should be mine and I said goodbye to my sportster!! He took a while to get used to but the rest is history.  We have been together ever since!!

I joined Bridgwater HOG in 2014.  ‘Harley’ and I had spent the previous six months on our own and had had some amazing adventures but I decided that I missed riding with others and wanted to spend time with like minded people, so off I went to club night to sign up, I was really nervous but needn’t have been, everyone was so friendly and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

I have had the most fantastic time with amazing people who have become great friends.  I have met people from all over who all have the same love for Harley’s.

I am extremely lucky that my job as an international trolley dolly allows me to spend time abroad, especially in the USA, where I get to ride and be pillion on some fantastic roads.  I’m also a member of Southern Nevada HOG and get to meet up with them when I’m at work!!

HOG and LOH are super for all Harley lovers, they have something for everyone. Whether it’s a fantastic road trip, a meet for a coffee or lunch, supporting charities, a night out, day out, a rally or a holiday it’s all about the FUN!!!lisa-oxford-hog

I feel extremely privileged to be LOH officer and will do my utmost to support all LOH and everyone in the chapter, it’s a chance for me to give back to the club that has given so much to me.

So if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or just want to gossip, please contact me on :-

07747532480  or or

See you soon


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