Hello, I’m Gill Mogg, always known as Moggy and its my privilege to be Director of Bridgwater Chapter, which is the longest continuous H.O.G. Chapter in Europe.

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gill waveSJust a bit about me.

Back in 1996, my partner Barry (a biker from way back) said we were off to the ‘Bulldog Bash’. So off we went, with me on the back of a bike for the very first time. After that I was hooked and decided to get a bike licence without telling him. I actually managed to keep a secret for once and passed my test without Barry even guessing what I was up to.

Eventually Barry bought a Harley and we joined the Chapter. We got involved and after a couple of years I joined the committee, eventually becoming the Ladies of Harley Rep. I then spent five years as Assistant Director before being elected Director in 2008 when Dave Holden stood down. Barry bought me my first Harley, an, 883 as a Xmas present in 2001 and I currently ride a 1200 Sportster Low. I love it!

Moggybike2sI can’t begin to count all the fantastic times I have had and the amazing people I’ve met. You only get out of clubs what you put in but we really pride ourselves on being really welcoming to all new members and really do try to live up to our motto ‘Ride and Have Fun’!

I have a really good committee to help me run the Chapter and we are always really happy to listen to suggestions and ideas. So don’t be shy, if you have got ideas, let us hear them.

(See below for a fuller account of how I got into “Bikes”)


Moggy’s Bits

So hope you all had an amazing Christmas and Santa bought you everything you wanted, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and here’s to the rest of 2018.

Once again I think it’s gonna be a busy year with Pts planned, so just a few statistics from last years ride calendar, we did:-

  • 29 Rides,
  • attended 5 Rallies
  • 15 other events

…….so let’s hope this year is bigger and better, the road captains are getting together this month to start the Ride calendar so if you have any ideas of somewhere you would like to go then contact Graham and we’ll try and get it in as have quite a lot already.

Hope to see a few more of you on the rides this year, I understand everyone is busy but, as they say more the merrier, and don’t forget Lisa does the competition for the Rider that does the most rides.Don’t forget your pillion as there is also a prize for the Rear of the Year – so why not try and knock Jason and Helen off their positions and win that prize.

The results of last year’s Mileage competition will be announced at the Feb meeting.  Debs has added up and calculated the totals so will you be one of our lucky winners? Then in March we will have another registration day at Riders so we can get the ball rolling for this year.

If you have any ideas of things we can do at the monthly meetings to make it a bit different then let us know, we have got a couple of speakers coming, one is Hardian Tours and also Ryan will do a talk on motorway safety as he works for the Highways Agency. The Rd Captains are gonna do a talk on group Riding just so we all know what we are doing, but if you think of anyone/thing else that may be of interest to us then give us a shout.

Don’t forget the Pre Cider Rally down at Sand Bay 23rd March, so ring Sand Bay and Quote BRID230318 £57 for 3 nights – any problems contact me.

So only a short one this month so take care and see you all soon

Lots love

Moggy's Photo Jan 2013

Moggy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


 How I got into “Bikes”, how it all began

gill waveS

Back along I said I would let all the newer members know how I got into bikes, Harley’s, I’m sorry to all the older members that have already seen this.

It all started back in 1996, Barry has had bikes all his life, but even when we met I did not really have anything to do with them, Barry use to go out on his own, and could not think of anything worse, but then in May 96 Barry said we were off to the Bulldog Bash with some friends, the what I said, after looking up about the Bulldog Bash there was no way I was going, hanging out with thousands of greasy bikers, sharing skanky, smelly toilets, no way, eventually Barry talked me into it, so what was I going to wear I had no biker stuff, then I had an idea, my mum ran a catalogue so I looked through and I found some dress leather trousers and jacket, that will do I thought, didn’t have a clue really, it came and was as thin as could be but it had to do, the nearer the time came I was so anxious, the day finally arrived and I found out that Barry’s friends girlfriend was driving her car with all the stuff in, yey I thought I could go with her, but no they had left before us so I had to go on the back of Barry’s Triumph TR6, I hated every minute of it, we finally arrived with my arse and back killing me.

I looked around and thought OMG what have I let myself in for, everyone looked so mean and bad, we then had to find somewhere to camp, it was so busy that once we got our tent up if we came out of our tent the same time as the one opposite we would have bumped heads, it just seemed to be getting worse, at last we were ready for the nights entertainment, as we walked through the site I saw so many different sights, my anxiety was just getting worse, we finally made it to the entertainment area, the bands came on and the cider started to flow, I gradually started to relax and started to chat to folk around us, i thought to myself these folk aren’t too bad, quite normal really, and I even started to enjoy myself by the end of the night, well early hours I had had a fantastic time. The next day I was surprised how many lady riders they were, and even had a minutes thought of how great it would be to be able to ride a bike, but like I said it was a minutes thought. By the end of the weekend I had the best time ever, I enjoyed it so much that I said to Barry that’s it when I get back I’m gonna learn to ride, Barry’s reply was Yea yea Gill of course you will, but I showed him.

I decided that was it I was going to do it, I booked all my lessons in secret, I took my 1st test which I failed, I was gutted, but I got myself up and carried on then in Nov 96 I passed, OMG I could not believe that I had done this and without Barry knowing, when I told him I had passed he was not so shocked about the fact I had passed but the fact that I managed to keep it all a secret as I am crap and keeping secrets. I couldn’t wait to get my own bike then I finally got a Honda 400 Four, it was lovely, it was mine, I was so chuffed, but in 97 my dear little bike was stolen from my garage as you can imagine I was gutted, I did not get another bike, after this and just happily went on the back of Barry.

Barry bought his first Harley in 97 and we decided to join the Chapter we went along to a meeting at the Toby Jug, which I must say was very daunting, as we walked in everyone looked at us as if we were in the wrong place, The director at that time was a man called John hart and Dave Holden was the assistant director, we did stay to the end but when we got home Barry said not going back there, too “clicky” for me, I said well it’s going to be at first no one knows us, let’s give it another chance and see what happens next time, Barry agreed to this and we went along to the next meeting, as we walked in folk began to say hello, then Barry saw someone he knew and we went and sat with them, this meeting was a lot more relaxed so in Aug 97 we decided to join, In 1998 we went to our first Cider Rally down at St Audries, which I absolutely loved but due to not drinking much back then I was in bed every night by 10pm, not much change there then I can her some of you say Lol.

After been in the club for a year I nominated myself to be on the committee, I was voted in and was so excited to get more involved, after another year I became the LOH rep kept this position for 2 years then in 2001 became Assistant director under Dave.

As I have already said I did not have another bike after my 400 four, then at the end of 2001 Barry and myself were down at Riders and I was looking and sitting on all the bikes, out of the blue Barry said why don’t I take one out, I took out a 883 which I absolutely loved, when I got back Barry said what would I change if I could, I replied nothing it was great as it was, I then had the shock of my life when he said ok it’s your xmas present, I had to get him to repeat this as thought I was hearing things but no it was going to be mine, I remember running around Riders like a headless chicken telling everyone I could on the way, then in Nov I got to Riders and there were loads of folk there including my Mum and Dad, something was up, a bit later while outside a bike came round the corner all done up with balloons and wrapping paper, it was my bike, my Xmas Pressie from Bazzer, as you can imagine I had a few tears, I was so excited that I now had my very own Harley, I cannot describe the feeling it was amazing, I could not stop smiling, I cannot thank Barry enough for doing this for me, he may think different now as don’t think he thought it would be so much of my life now, lol.

In 2008 Dave stood down after 11 years and I was voted in as director, this was so daunting and not even sure if I could do it, how could I follow the massive shoes of Dave Holden, he had done such a superb job of running the club and was known by hundreds, how was I going to follow that, but I was voted in so just had to get on with it, with all the help from Dave and the fantastic committee I hope we have managed to do this. Not sure if I will make 11 years but you never know, don’t think I will ever get bored of what I do and the Harley scene, I have visited so many places, Countries that I would never have been too, made so many life time friends and of course the fantastic memories that will stay with me for ever if I had not been in the club, so huge thanks to everyone one of you that has made it happen, i just love it so much and really hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do, remember you only get out of something what you are prepared to put in.

So that’s how it all began for me, why not tell us how you got into Bikes/Harley’s.

Well you can take life seriously if you want to, I’ll just enjoy it!!gillbisley1